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Viking Ship Season

Saturday 24th March 2018

Welcome Back
Bring on the Summer!

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Clonmacnois Cruises

Mon 30th Apr @ 11.00 am

Wed 9th May @ 9.00 am

Sat 19th May @ 10.30 am

Wed 23rd May @ 10.30 am

Thurs 24th May @ 11.00 am

Mon 11th June @ 11.15 am

Sun 17th June @ 2.00 pm

Mon 25th June @ 11.15 am

Fri 29th June @ 11.00 am

Mon 9th July @ 11.15 am

Tues 10th July @ 10.00 am

Mon 23rd July @ 11.15 am

Tues 21st Aug @ 11.00 am

Mon 27th Aug @ 11.15 am

Tues 4th Sept @ 11.30 am

Mon 10th Sept @ 11.15 am

Mon 8th Oct @ 11.00 am


History of the Viking Ship

The ship has great character and is registered with the Heritage Boat Association and because of the Viking History attached to this area is a 'theme vessel' and is a 21 metre long wooden  replica of a Viking Knarr and is the longest serving timber passenger ship on the inland waterways in either Ireland or the UK.

The Viking Ship in a former life circa 1930 plying as MV Britannia out into the North Sea from Bridlington, Yorkshire. It arrived in Bridlinton in 1923 having been built at Southend-on-Sea.

This National Historic Ship is a semi-open vessel with two thirds of it roofed and half of it side screened. In fine weather most of the vessel can be open so as to create a cooling breeze and a lovely athmosphere and experience of cruising on water.

Virtual Tour of the Ship