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Viking Ship Season

Saturday 24th March 2018

Welcome Back
Bring on the Summer!

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Clonmacnois Cruises

Mon 30th Apr @ 11.00 am

Wed 9th May @ 9.00 am

Sat 19th May @ 10.30 am

Wed 23rd May @ 10.30 am

Thurs 24th May @ 11.00 am

Mon 11th June @ 11.15 am

Sun 17th June @ 2.00 pm

Mon 25th June @ 11.15 am

Fri 29th June @ 11.00 am

Mon 9th July @ 11.15 am

Tues 10th July @ 10.00 am

Mon 23rd July @ 11.15 am

Tues 21st Aug @ 11.00 am

Mon 27th Aug @ 11.15 am

Tues 4th Sept @ 11.30 am

Mon 10th Sept @ 11.15 am

Mon 8th Oct @ 11.00 am





to commence

24th March

Please check website daily for  schedule changes


Weather &

water levels


Please check website daily for schedule changes

Download is for today only

Download is for anyone who wishes to print out the times to display on their premises.

Please check that the times are correct when displayed with the website schedule as it is updated daily


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